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Massage School Online

by Greg Mattison on August 24, 2012

Online Massage School

Because massage is such a hands-on activity, many prospective students don’t realize that they might have the option of attending one of several online massage schools. This is a shame, as the opportunity to take massage courses online really opens up the field to those who might not otherwise have even realized they could become massage therapists. There are many advantages to attending online massage schools, not the least of which is the convenience that comes from being able to study in your own home at your own pace.

How Is It Possible to Take Online Massage Courses?

It’s true that the techniques required to become a massage therapist will require actual practice under the supervision of a trained instructor. When most people think of massage, they only consider the physical kneading and manipulation that takes place. In reality, though, there are a number of required courses that students need to take in order to prepare for the hands-on aspect of their training. Many of these courses can quite easily be taken in an online format.

For example, online massage courses will usually include lessons on the basics of anatomy and physiology, as a massage therapist must be well-acquainted with the bones, muscles, and nerves of the human body in order to offer the most restorative and healing services. The courses can be taught in different ways. In some cases, students will utilize a text book or other written materials. Because of technological advances, however, students are also learning through video observation or by listening to recorded lectures and lessons.


It is possible to receive certification through online massage schools. The subjects studied in this format will be the same as those that an on-campus student would take, so there is not a big difference in content. Obviously, there are some differences when it comes to accruing hours of practice. Different schools offer various alternatives when it comes to earning those hours.

For example, some schools will bring students in to finish off their online massages courses with on-campus internships. Those schools will generally have the student work in a clinic under the supervision of instructors or doctors. These internships are necessarily short and intense, and they get the job done. For those who cannot travel for this type of experience, it may be possible to take part of the course online but then find a local school or clinic in which to practice.

Online massage therapy courses are especially good for those who are already certified as massage therapists. These professionals are usually required to take continuing credits to keep their licenses and certifications in good standing. This can be done conveniently through the use of online massage schools. In fact, this is one of the very best reasons to enroll in online massage courses.

Financial Aid and Other Concerns

In order to attend school, either online or in person, many students find themselves needing financial assistance. Some online massage schools will be able to offer financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans. Students should keep in mind that only schools that are officially accredited will be able to offer federal financial aid options. This is just one of the many reasons to consider attending online massage schools that have gone through the accreditation process.

Those who complete online massage courses will want to ensure that they have the same opportunities after graduation as those who attended classes on campus. Each school will have its own guidelines, and it is vitally important to compare those guidelines with the laws and regulations of the state in which the graduate hopes to practice. For instance, if the online massage school is not accredited but the state requires accreditation in order for graduates to become certified, then completing that particular online massage course will probably not be worthwhile. The key is to determine that the benefits the school has to offer are in compliance with the regulations governing the practice.

Upon completion of online massage courses, graduates will find themselves prepared to enter the workforce. There are several courses that a new massage therapist may consider for his or her career. For example, the field of sports medicine is continually growing, and the need for well-trained therapists has grown right along with it. Other graduates of online massage schools may find that they are better suited for the spa atmosphere. Yet others will discover that they want to set up their own practices and either have an office or travel to clients’ homes.

The idea of taking massage courses online may be an unusual one, but technology is making more and more things possible. Online massage courses are simply one of those things. The dedicated student can utilize these advances either to get started or to build on a prior education.

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