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About MassageSchoolsGuide.com

The MassageSchoolsGuide.com team administers a portfolio of education and career training websites. We select very specific categories and then conduct extensive research to determine the topics of interest for the prospective students within a category and the schools that offer the relevant programs for that education or career category.

We have approached the subject of massage therapy with the intent of offering those interested in a career as a massage therapist all of the resources they will require to make an informed decision as they select a massage school. In our opinion, presenting a laundry list of massage schools would be an inadequate offering for a visitor to our website. That is why we offer articles about massage, insights into the industry, an overview of each massage school and the programs offered as well as snapshots of the geographic area in which each massage school is located.

You will find links within the content on each page within MassageSchoolsGuide.com that will direct you to helpful information or resources within and outside of our website. We believe that anything we locate that helps you, helps us to serve you better.

We appreciate the time that you have taken to visit MassageSchoolsGuide.com. We intend to keep adding more information and more resources so that massage therapists of tomorrow have a reliable source for all things related to massage schools and massage therapy.