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Scottsdale, Arizona Massage School at Cortiva Institute

Described by The New York Times as “a desert version of Miami’s South Beach,” Scottsdale has plenty to offer the prospective massage school student. Located in the heart of Scottsdale, Cortiva Institute is a leader in massage therapy education.

If you have been thinking about attending massage therapy school, you are most likely asking yourself questions like how much is it going to cost, how long will it take to graduate, how & where do I apply and is financial aid available?

If you want to learn more, fill out the short questionnaire and a representative from the school will contact you to talk about how to apply, scholarships, time requirements, costs and just about anything else you may need to know.

About the Cortiva Institute – Scottsdale

Cortiva is a unique collective of the best massage therapy schools in the country. Nine schools have so far joined together to share resources, knowledge, and experience to provide the best massage therapy education possible.

Scottsdale Massage Therapy ProgramsThe Scottsdale campus of Cortiva Institute has a history that is rooted in education and healing. Formerly known as the Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College, this school joined the Cortiva family in 2006.

Located in the heart of this dynamic city, the school offers students a balanced education involving science, technique, and heart. High standards and hands-on preparation mean that graduates are equipped with the skills needed in order to pursue their professional goals.

Professional Massage Therapy

This is a 46.5 credit hour course and can be taken as either a six or twelve month program. With a focus on the client, students extensively study theory, communication, and ethical concerns within the profession of massage therapy.

Students learn from a variety of methods, such as direct instruction and hands-on practice and focus not only on the physical task but also the scientific principals behind each technique. Upon completion, students will be able to sit for the National Certification Exam and will be qualified to work within the health care community as a massage therapist.

Maternity and Infant Massage

Cortiva – Scottsdale also offers a Maternity and Infant Massage program, which is an emerging specialty. This program is designed for certified professional massage therapists who want to further their careers. A big focus is on communication and compassion, as the clientele are either pregnant women or infants. Five hundred hours of training are required to enroll in the ten month program.

Continuing Education

The Scottsdale campus of Cortiva Institute is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork to provide continuing education for licensed health care providers. Courses include: Doula Workshop, Orthopedic Assessment for the Lower Body, Reiki, Thai Massage, Stone Massage, Mud Wraps, and much more. These courses are for those massage therapists who want to expand their expertise and advance their careers.


Cortiva – Scottsdale faculty members are exceptional teachers; lead instructors are Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and have an average of five years teaching experience. They are also professionals in the massage therapy field.

They bring their experience and love of helping people into the classroom. Faculty members are also trained in the TIPP Learning System, in which each student’s learning style is determined and accommodated for. This, along with the faculty’s expertise and dedication, ensures that each student can succeed.


One of two campuses located in Arizona, the Scottsdale facility features modern classrooms, teaching aids, accessories, and professional massage therapy equipment. The Scottsdale campus of Cortiva Institute is conveniently located at 8010 E. McDowell Rd. Suite 21.


The Scottsdale campus of Cortiva Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (“ACCSCT”).

Financial Aid

Cortiva – Scottsdale participates in federal student assistance programs. Students need to fill out a FAFSA to determine if they meet eligibility requirements. In addition, payment plans can be developed to help individual students meet their financial obligations. Students should meet with financial aid representatives to discuss their individual needs.

Going to School in Scottsdale, AZ

With 300 days of sunshine, plenty of recreational activities, great restaurants and resorts, Scottsdale might be the perfect location to go to school. Scottsdale / Phoenix offers a great variety of lifestyles, recreation and career opportunities and is one of the fastest growing cities in America.Scottsdale Arizona Massage Schools

Scottsdale nightlife sizzles seven nights a week at many restaurants and clubs. The area is a dream come true if you enjoy the outdoors and discovering new places. Old Town Scottsdale is a popular destination for residents and visitors alike as it offers many shops and dining locations.

With the tourism industry as Scottsdale’s primary employer, massage therapists will find themselves in the ideal environment for pursuing their career goals. 70 resorts and hotels are located in Scottsdale, with the tourism industry accounting for 39% of the city’s workforce.

More Information

If you are interested in this program and would like to find out more, please request information from Cortiva Institute – Scottsdale, AZ.

If you want to learn more, fill out the short questionnaire and a representative from the school will contact you to talk about how to apply, scholarships, time requirements, costs and just about anything else you may need to know.