Everest College – Ontario, CA

Ontario massage school at Everest College

Everest College at Ontario, CA Is Permanently Closed

Anthem College is recorded closed at this location. If it’s incorrectly closed, please report it.

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 Going to School in Ontario, CA

California Massage SchoolsTaking its name from the Ontario Model Colony development established in 1882 by Canadian engineers George Chaffey and William Chaffey, Ontario is a city based on innovation, planned development, community service, and family values. As such it is no surprise that Ontario has become the economic heart of the region.

Ontario is located just 35 miles east of Los Angeles, and is widely considered as the inland region’s population and job growth center. Leading the way in the sectors of logistics and high technology , Ontario is fast becoming Southern California’s next urban center. With it’s urban housing and lifestyle, and it’s high quality office development, Ontario is attracting the attention of many large professional firms.

While home to a pro-business environment with a highly skilled work force, Ontario also features reasonable lease rates, superior transportation, and historic districts which offer street after tree-lined street of historic Craftsman Bungalow, Period Revival, Victorian, Mission and Ranch style homes. Safe and well-maintained, you’ll find Ontario to be the perfect place to live and go to school.