Tips for Applying for Financial Aid

Tips for Applying for Financial Aid

We have already written somewhat extensively about receiving financial aid for massage school. We won’t repeat what has been said but we’ll discuss things you should remember when applying for financial aid.

Ideally, the massage school you have chosen will have guidelines on their financial aid options. The key factor here is accreditation.  The massage school must be accredited by the State and offer a full massage therapy program covering about 500 hours of training for you to be able to apply for a federal loan.

Some tips for you:

Tip # 1: Choose an accredited school that offers a solid and reputable massage therapy program.  If the school is a member of several national organizations, the chances are good that it can offer more financial aid options.  The Cortiva Institute for instance is an association of many schools across the US that offer massage therapy programs.  Currently it has 11 locations.

Tip # 2: Your “to-do” list must have scholarships and grants at the top.  The reason is obvious.  You don’t have to pay back scholarships and grants.  Check with a handful of massage schools about scholarships.  It is possible that they have set aside some funds for deserving students or may have contacts in influential organizations seeking to promote massage therapy education.

Tip # 3: Don’t fill in your application for financial aid like a robot, like you’re filling “just another form.”  Be professional and be clear regarding your goals.  When you say, “I want to be a massage therapist so I can help others”, it is not as convincing as “I want to be a massage therapist because I want to show people that they can avoid chronic pain by adopting a healthy lifestyle; I want to share with them specific exercises that will relieve stress and anxiety.  After three years as an employee, my goal is to set up my own massage therapy clinic.”

Tip # 4: Read the instructions very carefully.  If there is anything on the form you don’t understand, ask questions.  Think twice – thrice – before writing or typing your answer.

Tip # 5: Perfect timing puts you in good stead.  If you’re applying for a federal loan, the deadline is generally the first week of January.  If you’re on your fourth year of high school and you’re enrolling at a massage school in September of the same year, your application must be submitted by January.  Keep tabs on all your applications and follow up, follow up!

Many schools listed in our massage schools guide have a section on financial aid.  They have trained staff members who can provide information.  For example, the massage school in Mesa Arizona – PIMA Medical Institute – says:  “The Financial Aid staff is available to help students at Pima Medical Institute determine eligibility for financial aid and work through the application process.

Students are eligible to participate in Federal Pell Grants, Federal SEOG (Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant), Federal Subsidized Stafford Loans, Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, Federal Parent Loans for Undergraduates, Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnerships, and Campus Based Funding. In addition, U.S. Armed Forces veterans attending PMI are eligible for funding from various Veterans programs.”

Another massage school in Westport, Connecticut – the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy – has financial aid for deserving students.  It is now part of the Steiner Education Group which offers massage training in 17 locations in 9 States.  The Steiner Education Group is owned by Steiner Leisure Limited, a worldwide provider of spa services (note what we said for tip # 1).

With diligent research, you just might stumble on a massage school that’s in a position to offer scholarships and grants because they have affiliates that constantly need massage therapists.  They would therefore be more than glad to help you become a licensed massage therapist!



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  1. James says:

    very nice tips about applying financial aid. Can I post this article on my website? This is very good post.

    Hi James, thank you for visiting. All our articles and posts are copyrighted and we appreciate you respect the copyright and do not post this on your web site.

  2. Michelle Burton says:

    I would like to know how to get a loan for massage therapist . Cause right now the money is tight so help me please .

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