Questions to Ask Your Massage School’s Financial Aid Officer

Massage Financial Aid Questions
Almost all massage schools encourage students to schedule a meeting with their financial aid office either before or soon after being accepted to the school. No matter what the school’s policy, it is best to have the meeting before you officially sign up for the massage program or pay any tuition. Knowing your financial status and your expected contribution will really help you decide which school is right for you.

Here are a few questions you should expect to ask your financial aid officer. Look for honesty and openness, and don’t be afraid to follow up with any concerns you might have.

  • How much does this massage school cost? Don’t walk away with anything other than an exact dollar figure, which should include tuition, fees, books, supplies, and other expenses. Know what the cost will be per year and over the course of the entire program, and be sure and ask about any possible tuition increases while you’ll be attending the school.
  • How much did this massage school cost last year? What about three years ago? A school that increases its tuition considerably from year to year might not be a very good fit. While some tuition raises can be caused by natural inflation, huge jumps in cost are often a red flag.
  • Is the massage school part of the Title IV Funding program? If the school doesn’t have the right accreditation or isn’t part of the federal funding program, you won’t be eligible to receive grants or loans from the government, even if you do demonstrate financial need. The school should have copies of the FAFSA form on hand and provide full support in understanding, filling out, and mailing the forms.
  • How does financial need affect admissions? Many schools are allotted a limited amount of federal money to give to their students, regardless of demonstrated need. This means students who can pay upfront for their tuition may be given priority when it comes to admissions—a practice that can reflect poorly on the school as a whole.
  • What other financial support is available to me? Federal and state funding shouldn’t be the school’s only option. Look for a massage school that offers scholarships, low-interest payment plans, work-study opportunities or other pay-as-you-go options. Third-party private lenders should be examined carefully, since they may offer high interest rates or other undesirable long-term outcomes.
  • What are the realistic expectations for massage graduates in this area? Massage schools are required to disclose their actual rates of job placement and massage industry outlooks for their outlying communities. In addition to statistics from the financial aid office, talk to graduates to get a realistic understanding of your job opportunities after you graduate.

Feeling good about your future can only come if you trust your massage school and believe they have your best interest at heart. While most schools are looking to turn a profit, that doesn’t mean you have to be a victim—as long as you weigh the long-term costs against your lifestyle and goals, you should be able to make an educated decision about which massage school to attend and how you will pay for it.


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  1. Misty Barlow says:

    I would really like to sit down with an advisor and talk about financial aid due to the fact, i only have a part time job right now and i am also on my own. it would be physically impossible to start school with out assistance or grants. please contact me with information requarding my concerns. thank you

    Misty Barlow

  2. Joseline says:

    I am not working at this time, i am just on disability benefits, but I am interesting in the Message Therapy courses. Please contact me with information about my concerns. Thank You!

  3. Hanna Nguyen says:

    I am interesting about massage therapist as a best career. I would like to look for a new job. I finished pre-college program and am going to apply in health service program in Houston Community College. I have financial aid. Please send me some information about the massage therapy course of time and tuition fees as well as how to apply financial aid. Thank You

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