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Massage Therapy Schools in Tampa, FL

Perhaps best known for being a retirement destination, Tampa, Florida attracts residents and visitors because of its warm, almost tropical climate.
However, despite this reputation, the city is actually considered one of the best for twenty-somethings. It has also been listed at number eight in the list of the cleanest cities in America in a study compiled by Yahoo, providing just another reason to enjoy studying at a massage school in Tampa.

Tampa Massage School Options

For anyone looking to study massage in the Tampa, Florida area, there are plenty of reasons to make the move. The large number of athletes means there is plenty of opportunity to get into sports massage, and the older population offers a chance for healing massage and relaxation therapy for arthritis and other age-related infirmities. Add this to a growing population and a good economy, and all the factors are right for massage students to continue in the area after they have graduated from a massage school in Tampa.

Things to See and Do in Tampa

The history of Tampa is one that has left a mark on the city. Architecture from the 1920s and before is readily available, though the city is in a constant state of improvement. New landmarks are being commissioned on a regular basis to help make Tampa an even more inviting city.

With nearly 10 square kilometers of beach within city limits, it’s no surprise that sunbathing and swimming are popular pastimes here. For those who prefer to avoid the sand, there are over 150 parks scattered throughout the city where you can enjoy a picnic, walking, biking, or just relaxing on the grass.

There are plenty of attractions here, as well, including the Florida Aquarium, the Adventure Island water park, and the S.S. American Victory, which is a historical museum inside a warship. Of course, the Busch Gardens are always a nice place to spend a day, checking out the greenery and flowers – a great way to spend a day off from massage class.

Tampa Climate and Demographics

If you like thunderstorms, then Tampa is the place to be. During the summer, it is the lightening capital of North America, with massive lightening storms nearly every afternoon. Tampa massage schoolsThe storms also keep things wet and green during the summer, while winter tends to be very mild. It’s a great place for gardeners to live, since the temperatures dip below zero only a couple times a year. This pleasant climate also makes Tampa the perfect place to find fresh fruit, particularly citrus.

People and Lifestyle

The residents of Tampa tend toward middle aged and older, which means there are plenty of massage opportunities for students. There is also a large number of Spanish speakers. In fact, Florida in general is a popular place for Hispanics, since it is just a plane hop away from Central America and Mexico. However, a good percentage of the population also speaks French or Italian, so Tampa could be a good place to brush up on your language skills.

This Florida city is also home to the MacDill Air Force Base, with a large number of local families working there. The base employs over 14,000 people.
As far as the economy goes, Tampa is in a good position, since they haven’t focused only on one area of development. Instead, there are several industries that support the city, including real estate, finance, service, insurance, and finance. Health care, especially as it relates to alternative therapies like Tampa massage schools, is also a vibrant part of the economy.

Tampa Education and Sports

The University of Southern Florida is located in Tampa, along with nine other universities and colleges, so secondary education is pretty important. The public school system is quite extensive and offers an above average education.

Sports are quite popular, and Tampa has teams in the NHL, NFL, and Major League Baseball, as well as Arena Football League. However, professional games aren’t the only way to spend an evening around here. College sports are also very well-attended and quite competitive.


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