Massage Therapist Licensing in California

California massage licensing

California Massage Therapist Licensing and Certification Requirements

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The state of California has just recently implemented a strictly voluntary massage therapist certification program. The certification program will be administered by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTA), a non-governmental, non-profit agency. The state will recognize certifications of the CAMTA.

The California Massage Therapy Council includes the following statement on their website regarding licensing and certification:

“The purpose of CAMTC’s creation was to serve the interests of the public and the massage profession by making the process of certification the same throughout the state, rather than different in each city and county. Currently, a massage therapist might have to register and get a permit with two different cities or counties to simply work in two locations a few blocks apart. This will help massage therapists maintain consistent registration procedures and also help local governments to easily keep track of whether a massage therapist is actually licensed or certified elsewhere.”

California Massage Therapy Licensing Requirements

Licensing Requirements: Voluntary Certification


Request Application: Our understanding is that certification through the CAMTA will override any local requirements policies. However, if a massage therapist is not certified through the CAMTC the local licensing and certification regulations will apply.

FAQ’s About California Massage Therapy Certification

Application for CAMTC Massage Therapy Certification

Contact Information

California massage certification requirements
California Massage Therapy Council
One Capitol Mall, Suite 320
Sacramento, California

Phone: (916) 669-5336

Email: [email protected]


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