Massage Therapist Licensing in Hawaii

Hawaii massage licensing

Hawaii Massage Therapist Licensing and Certification Requirements

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The state of Hawaii requires licensing at the state level. The agency responsible for overseeing the licenses for massage therapists, massage establishments, and massage apprentices is the Hawaii State Board of Massage Therapy. Licensing has been required since 1947.

As per their application form, the minimum massage education and training hours are 570. As stated on their website form:

“The requirements are subject to change at any time. Applicants must meet current licensure requirements and there is no ‘grandfather’ provision.” Hawaii requires license renewals to take place every 2 years on June 30th. If timely renewal is not made, then a “forfeiture of the license” occurs. No continued education hours are required. The Hawaii application fee is $50, the license fee is $25 and the renewal fee is $25.

Hawaii Massage Therapy Licensing Requirements

Licensing Requirements: Mandatory State Licensing


Request Application: Those applying for a license must sit for the state massage licensing exam. Check the website above for the following information.

Hawaii Massage Therapist Application Form

Hawaii Application Deadlines & Exam Dates

Hawaii Massage Therapy Law

Contact Information

Hawaii State Board of Massage Therapy
Dept. of Commerce & Consumer Affairs
P O Box 3469
1010 Richards St.
Honolulu, HI 96801

Phone: 808-587-3222

Email: [email protected]


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Hawaii massage certification requirements
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