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Malden, Massachusetts Massage School at The Salter School

The family-friendly community of Malden offers residents the chance to learn massage therapy and other allied health careers in as little as one year. The Salter School, which has one of its campuses here, is a private vocational training center affiliated with the Premier Education Group. Its programs are designed for those who want to enter a massage career quickly and at the lowest level, with room for career growth as education and experience advance.

About the School

The school’s mission, to “offer students a challenging, intensive program of study leading to satisfying business and professional careers,” is brought to life through a vocational-focused training program that emphasizes real world skills. It began as the Salter Secretarial School in 1937, with just one campus in Worcester, Massachusetts. As the name suggests, it provided secretarial training to women interested in entering the working world. Over time, the school outgrew its modest beginnings. It moved to a new location in 1981, at which time it also lost the “secretarial” part of the name and began offering more generalized business courses and even computer technology.

By 1995, the school incorporated everything from data processing and office administration to allied health and medical assisting. Massage therapy was added in 2003 after the school was purchased by the Premier Education Group (PEG) and developed additional campuses in Malden, Tewksbury, and Fall River. PEG owns and operates over 25 campuses across the northeast, all with a for-profit career training focus.

About the Program

The massage therapy program prepares students to seek entry-level work. Students spread the time over traditional classroom topics (like anatomy and massage ethics), specific modalities learned in a massage lab setting (like Swedish massage and Eastern techniques), and the required externship, which places them in a real-world setting.Massage

Flexible class times make it easier for students who currently work or raise a family; however, attending the course at a part-time rate will lengthen the amount of time required for successful completion.


The massage instructors at The Salter School all share one thing: they have experience in the industry working as massage professionals in a spa, medical, or self-employed capacity. This experience is shared with students in the classroom and in the skills lab. Class sizes are small and focused, so most students can expect to work with the same instructors and with the same focus on one-on-one learning.


The Malden campus is located in the heart of the city, offering training in healthcare and paralegal studies. It can be found at 2 Florence Street, right next to easy public transportation options. The facilities are fairly new, which means that the tools and massage tables are in good repair and are in keeping with industry standards.


All of the campuses at The Salter School are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). This designation is offered under the U.S. Department of Education, and grants the school the ability to award certificates to its graduates. There are no specific massage accreditations in place at this campus.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for students who demonstrate financial need and fill out the appropriate paperwork. Most students at The Salter School rely on some combination of federal loans and grants, private loans (offered through a third-party lender like a bank or other financial institution), and payment plans. Eligibility is dependent on personal finances, so students are encouraged to contact the financial aid department for more information. As is the case with any educational decision, it’s important to weigh the costs of attendance versus the average earnings of an entry-level massage therapist.

About the City

As a suburb in Middlesex County, Malden offers a quiet way of life for those who want to put down roots and raise a family. A fairly small population adds a community-oriented feeling to the city, while neighborhoods laid out in squares hearken back to the rich history of Massachusetts. Malden regularly ranks as one of the Best Places to Raise Your Kids, and the focus on education carries beyond the elementary and high school level to vocational training centers like The Salter School.


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