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Massaging People With Aids

I came across a blog by a massage therapist who has been contracted by a facility to provide massage for what he refers to as PWAs… people with AIDS. The therapist is documenting each of the 100 massages that he (or she – I can’t tell) is providing.

The therapist talks about the experience of giving a massage to AIDs patients and describes the personality and response of each. Some portraits are endearing, some not so flattering. The bottom line is that I found that reading these posts brought home the deeply personal aspects of massage therapy and gave even more relevance to the healing nature of the profession.

I couldn’t help but think about these patients as today’s equivalent of the biblical lepers, who were required to stay at a distance and cry out “Unclean” to anyone that was nearby. Yet this and other massage therapists provide relief by engaging in the very activity many fear – touch.

Time spent in massage school focuses on many of the technical applications of this healing art. The real world provides many opportunities to touch the heart and soul of clients in many different circumstances and conditions.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Thankyou for posting about massage and AIDS. I know most therapists would be fearful of touching someone who has it. People just don’t openly admit they have it. Even in intake forms most people won’t check beside AIDS. So how can you tell? I still dont know unless they are looking sick its hard to know. I have never had a person openly admit they have AIDS.

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