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Tools for Massage Therapist

Tools for Massage Therapists

Many students or recent graduates of massage school may find themselves intimidated by the prospect of opening their own business even if that is their real dream. Of course, there is always the option of putting in some time as an employee in someone else’s business to gain experience before embarking on their own entrepreneurial adventure.

But some massage therapists just have that taste for forging ahead on their own. It can still be an overwhelming and risky prospect, especially if the goal is to create an entire spa environment with massage as one of the primary services.

I was looking online for resources for massage business owners and came across a few that I spent some time with. One was Spa Marketing Tools, a website that offers a training program and coaching package for salon owners. Another was Help Your Practice, a website that presents marketing tips and client generation techniques specifically targeted and massage business owners.

What really struck me about these sites was the selling technique the sites themselves use to present their programs. Both use the standard online marketing approach of a presenting a very long sales letter with big, bold call-outs that make enticing statements about the opportunity to build success with expertise and secrets provided by the author.

Search for “make money online” or “online marketing” and you will find hundreds of websites that look almost exactly like these massage marketing sites. They are loaded with testimonials and the more you read the more exciting the offer sounds. By the end of the Spa Marketing Tools you are half-convinced to drop the $4450 asking price for the course!

Frankly, I have no idea what the value of these online programs really is. They may be great and well worth the investment. All I know is that an approach like these is essentially the internet “used-car salesman pitch.” You may get a great deal but you are always left wondering whether someone just picked your pocket.

The best approach to starting a massage business is to:

Learn to practice your trade. There is no substitute for building a reputation as an excellent massage therapist.

Find a mentor. Someone that you can trust and who has built their own business will be a tremendous asset.

Be prepared to be a businessperson first and a massage therapist second. If you can’t manage your business by following sound business principles and practices, it doesn’t make any difference how good you are as a massage therapist.

If you are a prospective massage therapist make sure that the massage school you select has a strong curriculum in business principles. Be good with your hands and smart with your head.


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