Boost Your Nursing Degree with a Massage School Certification

nursing degree with massage school certification

How Can A Massage Certification Help You As A Nurse

It’s not uncommon these days for licensed nurses to pursue higher education in the field of health care. Whether they want to branch out to embrace new practices, or if they’re looking to boost their resumes, the truth is that more education is almost always a good thing.

Massage credentials can do much to round out a nursing degree—especially in the field of complementary and alternative medicine. More and more organizations are looking to alternative health options (especially at the recovery and long-term care levels), and nurses who can use massage therapy to facilitate healing are still rare enough that they can become highly viable job candidates.

Why Massage?

Recent studies have shown that massage modalities like myofascial trigger release can reduce blood pressure and improve muscle tension in recovering heart attack patients. Acupressure can relieve pain during patient care. Massage therapy before surgery can reduce anxiety and help with faster recovery times.

These are just a few examples of how nursing and massage go hand-in-hand. Although many of the studies being conducted are still relatively new, researchers expect to find more ways in which massage can be worked into the larger health setting.

Massage and Nursing

Massage and nursing have their roots in the same kind of education—basic biology and anatomy. For existing nurses, the core classes of any massage program are probably already taken, and all that’s required is specialized hands-on training, which can be completed in as little as six months.

Although many massage schools run through a one-size-fits-all type program, some operate on a credit by credit basis, especially if you look at the community college level. In these programs, nurses may be able to skip many of the biology classes and get right to work with the massage training.

Some massage schools also offer certifications that build on an existing degree. Talk with each school’s admissions office to learn more about how they might be willing to work with your nursing degree to create a program just for you. The prestige of having a nursing massage student might be enough to have them lend you a helping hand.