New Article From Guest Author Kathy Gruver: Massage Career Advice

Massage EducationWe are pleased to present another article from medical massage therapist and natural health expert, Kathy Gruver, about the ins, outs, ups and downs of the various options available to newly graduated massage therapists. Kathy is a highly experienced massage professional with a down-to-earth, real world perspective on the rewards and challenges of a massage therapy career.

In the article she has just written exclusively for Massage Schools Guide, Kathy presents perspective on a number of options available to new massage therapists. She paints no fancy pictures and just “tells it like it is.”

That is why we enjoy her insights – because they are consistant with our goal of presenting the type of information that massage school students and prospective students need in order to make an informed, intelligent decision about their future.

Kathy takes a look at opportunities for massage therapists to work at spas, health clubs, massage chains and more. She describes the anticipated work environment and the pros and cons of each option. We are certain that each reader will benefit from Kathy’s descriptions and will be more prepared to select a career path as a massage therapist after reading this article.

We look forward to presenting more expert articles from Kathy as well as other massage professionals in the future.