Offer Massage Clients Some Options To Preserve Energy

By Courtney Slivka

Massage ClientsAnyone who has given a massage can attest to its physical requirements. Depending on the type of massage, the client, and the length of the session, therapists may find that they are frequently facing strenuous exertion on a regular basis.

Depending on the work environment, a massage therapist’s day may be packed back to back with appointments. For these reasons, the massage therapist burnout can run on the high side, but adding more services to your menu can actually help to save your sanity and physical health without sacrificing your financial stability or loyal client-base.

Many spa treatments make your clients feel just as relaxed as a deep tissue massage, yet they require much less physical exertion on the part of the therapist. Additionally, learning to perform spa treatments can really set you apart from other massage therapists in your area.

There are a number of different options you have as a massage therapist and body-worker to add a spa flair to your services. Some require additional training, but are very worthwhile endeavors to pursue.

To add a unique element to any of your massages, consider exploring aromatherapy. If you have not yet entered school, consider finding one that offers an aromatherapy program as well as the standard massage curriculum.

Aromatherapy can help your clients to feel extra pampered, which will earn their respect and loyalty. Additionally, the aromatherapy can also work to soothe your own mind and body even as you apply it to your clients.

You may also want to consider offering specialty treatments to your clients. Body wraps are a great way to provide your clients with a unique experience while exerting very little physical energy.

Body scrubs are another way to pamper your clients without leaving the session with sore muscles or physical exhaustion. With the right education and initiative, you can even customize your own scrubs, lotions, and oils for your spa sessions. Some therapists may even choose to bottle and sell their concoctions to their clients.

Remember that if you notice yourself feeling fatigue or exhaustion, consider incorporating a bit more creativity into your massage sessions. You can provide your clients a great deal of options while maintaining your own physical health.

Look for massage schools and continuing education classes that provide the proper training for aromatherapy and spa services.



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