Top Locations for a Massage School and Career

Best cities fro massage school
Although the massage industry is growing in strength and popularity, it’s not the kind of job you can start just anywhere. The biggest centers of massage are large cities and spa/resort destinations. Large cities have bigger percentages of individuals willing to explore holistic health alternatives as well as a larger concentration of affluent resident able to afford what is often seen as a luxury item. Spa and resort destinations, on the other hand, are associated with rest and relaxation, which means that people coming here expect to see a certain number of massage therapists and practices.


If you’re looking for success in the traditional way, or if you’re looking for a great location to go to massage school, here are a few of the top choices:

Texas: The larger cities in Texas (Houston and Dallas) are considered two of the top locations for a massage therapy career. With a large population, lots of great multicultural diversity, and a large tourism and entertainment industry, there are plenty of opportunities to thrive here.

California:  It doesn’t matter whether you move to Southern California or Northern California—the chance to succeed as a massage therapist in this state is high. In the north, you’ll find many affluent technology centers. In the south, there is a strong focus on health and an active lifestyle. Both these settings are good for the massage industry, and California’s population is one of the most open to holistic health alternatives.

Arizona:  Although Phoenix is the best place to practice massage therapy if you want the metropolitan experience, Arizona has a number of small towns where massage thrives. That’s because in and around the Sedona region there is a huge focus on the healing powers of the universe and of the local natural setting. Many people consider Arizona the top spa destination in the world, and massage is a big part of that.

Pacific Northwest:  From Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon, the Pacific Northwest is a place where young professionals make up a large portion of the population and healthy, eco-friendly lifestyles are the norm. Both of these lend themselves to a strong massage industry, and therapists here can build successful practices with life-long clients.

Of course, if you live in the Midwest or in a small town on the East Coast, you can still find success.

Massage practices can work well in small-to-medium-sized cities, especially if you’re willing to work hard and tackle a certain amount of marketing and business planning. Small towns are probably the hardest place to get started and remain successful, and many massage therapists in these locations provide alternate services (like beauty supply sales) to round out their businesses.



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  1. Danita Sauerwein says:

    Hello. My name is Danita Sauerwein and I am the owner of Australian Sands Tanning Resort. Australian Sands has been providing tanning and skin care services to Fairfield and the surrounding areas since 2007. In August of 2011, we added a Massage Therapy room and hired a licensed massage therapist. We are currently in the need of another Massage Therapist and was wondering if you have any students that have recently graduated or will be graduating that are looking for employment. This is a position that we are looking to fill quickly. Please feel free to contact me at the above email address or at the Tanning Resort; 858-2826. Thank you for your time.

    Best Regards,
    Danita Sauerwein

  2. aurelia says:

    Hi, My name is Aurelia Roata
    Im looking to be a Masssage Therapy with you guys and i would like you to call me at (253)583-4240! i tryed to go to a school Massage Therapy because i been done massage few years a go at my house or to other house!
    Thank you(=

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