Benefits of an AMTA Massage Mentor

Benefits of an AMTA Massage Mentor

Why Find An American Massage Therapy Association Mentor

One of the best ways to get the most out of your massage school experience is to network with local massage professionals. When you look to experts in the field to help guide your education and steer you in the right direction, you not only increase your opportunities of employment, but you build a foundation for a great future career.

That’s why the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) offers its massage therapy Mentoring Program. According to the official literature, this program was launched to “help improve communication skills, goal-setting and success planning for AMTA members just entering the massage therapy profession.”

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Those interested in being matched with a mentor in their area can search the AMTA database (you must be a member to access it) and contact those mentors who seem like a good fit. From there, you and your mentor design a program that works for you both.

It’s not uncommon for a mentorship to transform into a job offer. Although this isn’t guaranteed, the relationships that are formed between mentor and mentee often lead to employment.

You can set personal goals and get help reaching them. The goal of massage school is easy: to graduate and past the massage licensure exam. Your school will do its best to ensure that happens, but any aspirations you have beyond that will have to come from within. A mentor can help make that happen.

Expectations become more real. Most people enter massage school with starry-eyed ideas about what the profession entails. A mentorship can help you get grounded in the realities of this career field, highlighting both the positives and the negatives.

Of course, mentees aren’t the only ones to benefit. Mentors provide guidance, friendship, and support. In exchange, they get to make new connections in the massage industry and have a hand in helping shape the next generation of massage professionals. (They also become eligible to receive the AMTA Mentor of the Year Award.)

Mentorships have long been a hallmark of good business, no matter what industry you’re in. The AMTA stamp of approval on this program means that students can begin their careers on a strong foot and with the kind of experience that looks great on a resume or job application.