Best Cities to Learn Massage Therapy

Cities to Learn Massage Therapy
Where you learn massage therapy is almost as important as what you learn. Although there are good massage schools in every state, location plays a large factor in whether or not you will be licensed to perform massage in a specific county or if you will be able to successfully find work. If you’re hoping to get the best boost for your massage career right from the start, here are a few key factors in finding the best location for your education.

  • Large Cities: Bigger cities tend to offer more opportunity for massage therapists. Not only is there a larger population to draw clients from, but there tends to be more economic prosperity, which means more disposable income to be spent on luxuries like massage. While you can always learn in a small town and move to a bigger city once you graduate, it often helps to find a massage school that has ties to area companies (especially if they do externships) in a metropolitan center.
  • Large Concentrations of Government Workers: Government insurance plans almost always include massage as part of the list of services fully covered. This is rare for any workplace policy—so government workers are more likely to get massages than many others.
  • State Licensing: Every state has its own requirements for massage therapists. Texas, for example, only requires 500 education hours (this is one of the lowest you’ll find in the United States). If you go to school in Texas and meet this standard, you will be eligible to practice here, but not in other states with stricter requirements. In Florida, you have to have additional hours in hydrotherapy in order to practice. Every state is different, which is why it’s often best to get the most education possible—that way, you can get re-licensed in other states without having to advance your massage education.
  • Florida, New York, and California: No matter what your criteria, the best states for a career in massage therapy are in these three locations. Warm weather, a focus on tourism and resorts, and economic prosperity all combine to offer an ideal backdrop. Arizona also tends to do well (thanks to the Sedona region), though the market may be growing oversaturated.

If you have the opportunity to travel to another location to attend massage school, it’s good to start weighing the pros and cons of each city before you decide. Depending on your professional goals, you can get a great head start on a successful career in massage that will take you anywhere you want to go!



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  1. Nana Novell says:

    Dec. 12 Been there and done it. Massage people need to be out in the community more and not inside schools and treating a multiple of conditions and populations. Similar to personal trainers, no clue on how to work with older adults at all-no adaptations or equipment at all. MN. 17 weeks of summer-all massage, yoga and trainers and water people inside-Dever-all go out to apt. pools and aprks-same in Madison.

    A long way to go in northern states
    Why are you asking for a website-we don’t even go to facebook-can’t even find customer service people or ceos-they read facebook from there 5 million dollar apts drinkin boos

    Sad state in America

    If I get into this school, I will develop my own curriculum

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