Getting Ready for a Massage Therapy Career in High School

Massage Therapy for High School Students

Is Massage School In Your Future

As the final year of high school draws near, more and more students are looking to their future. From college and technical training to traveling the world or getting a job, there is no one path that’s right for everyone. But if you’re interested in a short post-secondary education path and want to work as a hands-on healthcare provider, a career in massage therapy could be the future for you.

Why Massage Therapy?

Most massage therapy degree programs last between six months to two years in length, making them on par with other technical training courses. This means that you can complete your education and be a working professional that much sooner after you graduate. The job outlook is fairly strong, and you can typically find employment with a local spa or clinic setting following your internship period.

In addition, massage gives you a good foundation for a lifelong healthcare career. Although not all massage therapists continue on in the field indefinitely (burnout can be high for this highly physical field), many go on to work in advanced medicine or alternative therapy.

How to Get Ready for Massage School

While you can apply for most massage schools with just your high school diploma and a strong interest, there are things you can do to help you select a massage school and get ready to attend. Before you graduate, you should:

  • Take as many biology and anatomy classes as you can.
  • Job shadow a massage therapist or other industry professional.
  • Get a massage.
  • Perform an internship at a healthcare facility.
  • Schedule campus tours at several massage schools under consideration.
  • Fill out and send in a FAFSA form.
  • Research and apply for massage scholarships (these tend to be more numerous for high school graduates than older students).

The good thing about massage school is that you don’t have to do a ton of preparation in order to be accepted. Most of your activities should be geared toward making sure this is a field you’re truly interested in—which means immersing yourself in the world of massage and asking plenty of questions of those who are already working in the field.