How to Comparison Shop for a Massage School

Compare Massage Schools

When you’re getting ready to attend massage school, it’s a good idea to approach your decision making process the same way you would any major purchase. Because you’ll be spending a few years of your life and a considerable amount of money at your chosen massage school, you want to know that you’ve made a sound investment.

That means drawing up lists, deciding which features matter most to you, and weighing all your considerations.

1)     Make a list of potential massage schools. Taking into account your personal restrictions related to location, cost, and admissions requirements, make a list of at least five of your top-choice massage schools.

2)     Make a list of things that matter to you in a massage school. Everyone will approach this differently, but most important details include:

  1. Tuition Costs
  2. Supplies and Miscellaneous Fees
  3. Financial Aid Options
  4. Curriculum
  5. Specific Courses You Want
  6. Faculty
  7. Facilities
  8. State Authorization
  9. Accreditation
  10. Eligibility of Graduates to Sit for National Exam
  11. Job Assistance

3)     Rank these qualities according to importance. Assign each quality a number that determines how important it is to you, with the most important as number 1 and moving down as you go. This will help you create a visual representation of your perfect massage school.

4)     Do your research. Take the time to discover whether or not each of your potential massage schools fulfills your requirements. You can make a chart or a list of checkmarks or simply add up the total numbers each school gets (the lower the better)—whatever your approach, organization is key.

5)     Make your decision. Chances are there will be no one perfect school. One might have great faculty and facilities but cost twice as much. Another might offer your list of dream courses but not be accredited. It’s important to know the pros and cons of each one. Only you can decide which one is the right fit.

Large purchases can be hard to make, and choosing the right massage therapy school is no different. By taking your time and avoiding decision fatigue, you can find the right fit for your future career.




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  1. What a timely blog entry! As someone who reads many blogs, I really think your message expressed key points for anyone considering massage school education. We at National Holistic Institute ( try to help applicants make the best choices for themselves when making such an important decision. In general, we appreciate all of those contributing to the larger conversation about holistic health and wellness, especially the wonderful, exhausting world of massage. Better than TV, indeed!