Massage School and Physical Exhaustion

Massage School Burnout

There is quite a bit of information on the web and in books telling massage therapists how to avoid burnout on the job. With a high rate of turnover and on-the-job injuries reported within the profession every year, the best massage professionals are the ones who pay attention to their own health and well being right from the start.

For massage students, this means the time to start dealing with physical exhaustion is now. Most students report that the first three months of massage school are the hardest. Not only are you getting accustomed to a class schedule (oftentimes in addition to your regular work and life schedule), but you are using muscles you may have never needed before. Add to that long hours on your feet and plenty of study time, and the result is that you get home each day exhausted and unsure how you’ll keep going.

The good news is that this early exhaustion doesn’t last. Once your body—and your mind—grow more accustomed to the work, you’ll gain strength and endurance, both of which will help you as you move through your massage career. You’ll also find that as a massage student, you are the client almost as often as you are the therapist, and your fellow students will be using you for their practice. The better they get, the better your massages will be, and the more relaxed you should become.

Other tips for avoiding physical exhaustion while attending massage school include:

  • Take good care of your health. Get enough sleep at night, stay hydrated, and take your vitamins. These seemingly small steps can make a big difference in keeping up your strength and avoiding illness during the first few months of massage school.
  • Be sure to exercise. The last thing you probably want to do is run a few miles after a long day at school, but exercise is important. If you can’t fathom the thought of a hard cardio session, opt for yoga, swimming, or another low-key option.
  • Eat better. Now is a good time to make changes to your diet. As a holistic healthcare provider, you’ll be on the front line of good health and wellness to your clients. Eat fresh, healthy foods in small meals throughout the day and avoid artificial stimulants like coffee and energy drinks. Your body will thank you.

It’s a good idea to get in the habit of taking care of yourself right from the start. Because so much of massage therapy requires you to stay fit and active, it’s almost as much of a lifestyle as it is a career.




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