The Use of Technology in Massage School

Technology in Massage School
When considering which massage school is right for you, it’s a good idea to look at the facility’s use of technology—both as it relates to the massage industry and as part of your education as a whole. Even though massage is a centuries-old practice that can be done with nothing more than your hands, many of the techniques in use today are enhanced by technology and advancements in the field.

Technology at the Massage School

Any good massage education will include a rigorous course of anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, ethics, and general business classes. These provide the foundation for your education and for future work in a business capacity. Because these are almost always taught in a regular class setting, it’s good to have a massage school with computers, modern textbooks, and other research technology (including Internet access at the school, library facilities, and maybe even the chance to take online massage classes).

Technology in a massage school also means having access to the right kinds of tools for hands-on training. Massage tables and massage chairs are a good example. Many massage schools provide a table that you can keep as part of the tuition package. Others have on-site facilities you can use for all your training. Either way, you want to ensure that your materials are in keeping with industry standards. Adjustable heights and settings, high weight limits, and lightweight materials (for portable massage tables and chairs) are all key factors of good massage tools. Massage tables have come a long way in recent years, and you can find everything from prenatal massage tables (with a removable pad for a growing belly) to specialty chairs for use on the go.

 Technology in the Massage Trade

Once you start learning more about specific massage modalities, you have to shift the way you view “technology.” Instead of assuming it means high-tech gadgets, you can embrace new ways of providing therapy—and new tools for doing it effectively.

For example, new advancements in the following areas arise all the time:

Keeping abreast of the newest releases and advances in massage technology often means that you have to stay in touch with your school (through alumni resources or continuing education credits) as well as belong to member organizations that further the massage industry. As is the case with any healthcare-based practice, new developments are always on the horizon, and your ability to be the best in the field relates to how well you accept and include these things.




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