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Massage Schools and Continuing Education (Part 2)

Let’s look at a few more massage schools with continuing education courses or at least have programs closely tied to continuing education.

Seacoast Career Schools in Maine

Seacost Career Schools with branches in Manchester and Sanford offer the Massage Therapy Program which focuses on “classical massage techniques, advanced therapeutic procedures and soft tissue manipulation.”  The program prepares students for the National Examination.

While the school’s web site does not have a section specifically for continuing education, you click on the “Accreditation” link at the bottom of the home page and you’ll see that Seacoast Career Schools work with the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) which involves the Department of Education of Maine, the Postsecondary Education Commission of New Hampshire, the Approving Agency for Veterans Education in Maine and the State Agency for Veterans Education in New Hampshire.

Seacoast Career Schools in Maine also have what they call “externships” aimed to provide students with opportunities to apply what they learned in a business, legal or medical setting.  This must be the school’s version of continuing education – instead of sitting in a classroom, you’re sent out “to the world” to learn some more.  Unfortunately, these externships are unpaid, although the school will assist you in obtaining an externship.

MTTI WellSpring (Center for Natural Health and Wellness) in Kansas City

MTTI WellSpring offers continuing education courses that are offered in the evenings and on weekends so that workers can fit the course of their choice into their busy work schedule.  Some of these courses are:

– Corrective Exercise Training (NASM Certification)
– Introduction to Energy Balancing
– Reiki I
– Lessons from Esalen (Introductory course)
– Advanced Esalen Massage
– Massage for People Living with Cancer

All the above courses are taught in MTTI’s Kansas City campus at 9140 Ward Parkway.  We were curious about Esalen and MTTI says that it’s based on Swedish massage although it borrows freely from Trigger Point, Thai massage and Energy massage.  The instructor is Ed Odell and the approach is described as a massage that “is done in a reverent manner and consists, in part, of long, flowing, rhythmic strokes combined with specific detail work, as well as elegant stretches and rotations. Emphasis for the therapist is on developing intuition when working with the client rather than performing a set routine.”

Given the growing popularity of massage therapy programs, it is no wonder that schools enthusiastically offer continuing education courses that are as valuable and stimulating as those offered in the regular programs.



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