Massage School Fees

What Are the Costs of Going to Massage School

What Are Some of the Costs Associated With Going to Massage School?

When you figure how much it costs to go to massage school, it’s important to look at the big picture. In addition to tuition rates (and room and board, if applicable), many schools have additional fees and textbooks costs that can substantially raise the overall price.

In some cases, these might be disclosed right from the start; in others, you might not be aware of additional costs until you’re presented with the bill. Be sure and ask about any hidden fees before you sign on the dotted line.

Application Fees

When you apply to massage school, you may find that there is a $30 to $100 application processing fee. These fees have to paid before you’re even considered for the school, and you won’t get them back even if your application is denied.

The best way to handle these is to pick one or two schools that you really want to enter (after you’ve done all your other research, of course). Apply to them first, and wait to hear back before you put out any more applications.

 Massage Textbooks

Although a lot of what you’ll learn at massage school is hands-on, there is a classroom and lecture-based component to it, as well. That means you’ll need study materials, which can range from traditional textbooks (for example, those large, hefty anatomy and physiology books) to course pamphlets put out by the school itself.

Depending on where you go to school, this can mean additional quarterly costs between $0 and $500. The good news is that many of these textbooks can be purchased used or re-sold after you’re done with your course. The bad news is, they’re rarely optional, and you’ll have to buy them whether you want them or not.

 Linens, Massage Oils, and Other Supplies

Many massage schools provide these massage supplies as part of their course, but not all do. You might be asked to pay around $50 per quarter for these types of things—and in some cases, they still aren’t your property, and will belong to the school.

It’s a good idea to learn how much these types of massage supplies cost now, since you’ll be expected to provide your own oils, lotions, and linens once you begin your massage practice.

 Facility Fees

Depending on the school you choose, you might have to pay for things like gym fees, medical clinic fees, laundering fees, or other similar costs—even if you never use the services that are being offered. One way in which colleges, universities, and vocational schools (both public and private ones) make up part of their income is by defraying these costs to the students.

These fees don’t necessarily mean you’re getting cheated, but you should be sure and consider them as part of the overall tuition. You should also pay attention to how often they are paid (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.)

 Massage Tables

Student massage tables can cost anywhere from $300 to $700, and vary in quality and features. Many schools offer a free table as part of their package to interest students. Others provide school massage tables for use while in the classroom. Still others require you to buy your own, which you can then use for your own practice later on.

Be sure and look at the quality of the massage table before you let a free one sway you to go to a particular school. If you intend to continue using the table for years, you want one that will stand up to heavy use and provide comfort to both you and your clients.


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