Deep Tissue Massage – Part I

Deep Tissue Massage

What Is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that goes above and beyond traditional techniques to get to the underlying layer of muscle and connective tissue that give the body strength. Like Swedish massage, which seeks to improve circulation, ease muscle pain, and increase flexibility, deep tissue massage uses long, smooth strokes to get maximum results.

However, most deep tissue massage techniques are more intense and more focused than Swedish or traditional massage techniques, which means that the client gets a more concentrated massage – usually with the end result of releasing knots or points of tension in various points of the body.

How Deep Tissue Massage Works

Deep tissue massage works as part of an integrated system of care to release the tension and knots that build up due to stress, sports injuries, or regular body “wear and tear.” Some of the best masseuses recommend additional practices (including exercising, improved postures, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques) as part of a whole body wellness approach.

In fact, this approach is so effective that deep tissue massage is considered by many to be more beneficial in reducing pain than medication, acupuncture, or even regular chiropractic visits.

Deep tissue massage relies on slow movements and strong pressure on the body. In most cases, the pressure goes across the fibers of the muscle as a more concentrated way to release tension. It works primarily by reducing adhesions (or knots) in the deep muscles that form due to injury, overuse, and bad posture – all of which usually develop over time.

These ailments contribute to pain, swelling or inflammation, decreased mobility, and allover discomfort. Deep tissue massage works primarily by breaking these adhesions down through strong physical manipulation using the fingertips, knuckles, hands, elbows, and even forearms.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Because deep tissue massage really works at the underlying muscle and connective tissues of the body, it promotes a strong sense of healing and athletic recovery. Popular among athletes who work strenuous schedules, it is also used for those suffering from chronic pain that has its origins in stress or muscular maladies.

Despite it’s advantages, however, deep tissue massage isn’t for everyone or every condition. In most cases, it is used as a way to treat problems that traditional massage or pain relief methods have not had luck with in the past. It is used for a variety of recuperative and therapeutic reasons, often to:

Eliminate of underlying scar tissue (due to surgery or injury to the muscles or joints)

Provide pain relief for athletes or those who have had an injury

Ease tension in the body, which may or may not be contributing to pain

Increase mobility

Many people also get regular deep tissue massages for medical conditions – typically when traditional healing methods have failed. These conditions include:

Chronic pain



Muscle cramps or tension

Carpal tunnel syndrome


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