Deep Tissue Massage – Part II

All about deep tissue massage

Drawbacks of Deep Tissue Massage

Although deep tissue massage isn’t meant to be painful, it tends to be more uncomfortable than other types of massage. This is because many of the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue can only be manipulated by intense pressure.

Discomfort is usually expected, but prolonged pain is not. Excessive discomfort might actually indicate that the problem cannot be correct by massage or that the masseuse is using an incorrect technique.

Most masseuses recommend plenty of water and relaxation after a deep tissue massage. This is because the purpose behind deep tissue massage is to increase the flow of blood and the release of toxins in muscle tissue. Water helps to flush out the bad fluids and promote healing.

Icing the sore areas after deep tissue massage is also a common practice. Applying cold helps to reduce swelling and stiffness and to decrease some of the pain that commonly occurs after a deep tissue massage. In most cases, the pain that can be expected is similar to what is experienced after a day of heavy exercise.

Specializations in Deep Tissue Massage

No special certification is required for a practitioner to specialize in deep tissue massage; however, like Swedish massage, it is a fairly large field and is taught at the basic level at almost all reputable massage schools.

Most massage therapists who work solely with deep tissue massage either offer it as part of a wider range of services or work in a spa or sports physical therapy facility.

Due to the increased pressure behind deep tissue massage, it does require more strength on the part of the massage therapist. Many therapists offer it as part of a full massage session in order to avoid straining their own muscles in the process.

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  1. Nancy says:

    I agree with your deep Tissue Blog.
    I am a massage Therapist for 8 years and counting 🙂
    Deep Tissue Massage is so very important when working out stressed muscles. Deep Tissue Massage can be relaxing as well as therapeutic.
    Thank you for the blog.
    Inner Peace

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