Incorporating Energy Work into Massage Sessions

By Courtney Slivka

Energy Work in Massage SessionsWorking in the field of massage therapy has countless rewards. Nevertheless like all things worth having in life, massage therapy also presents many challenges to those who pursue it for a living.

Some of these challenges may be physical, while others might be mental or even emotional. Whether your body is tired from performing massages, or your mind is distracted due to other areas of your life, energy work can provide an invaluable opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your craft, and your clients.

It often goes untouched in the Western traditions of bodywork, but more and more people are discovering the benefits of incorporating energy work into their massage sessions. While there are a number of different techniques that fall under the category of energy work, many share a few different qualities in common.

First of all, energy work typically requires less in terms of physical capabilities and strength. Unlike Swedish, sports, or deep tissue strokes that can put strain on the wrists, thumbs, and shoulders, energy techniques usually requires a lighter touch.

Secondly, energy work can truly help to centralize your mind to the task at hand, and prevent it from wandering. Lastly, as you relax your body and mind for the work, you may find that your natural intuition begins to shine through. It is not uncommon to develop greater insight as to how to lead your massage session, or work through your client’s condition.

Often times, energy work is appropriate to begin and end a session. Dedicating a few minutes at the open of each massage can help you tune into your client, preparing both of you for the experience. Ending a session with energy work helps to quiet your minds, and make one final connection on the table.

Additionally, turning to energy healing at other points throughout the session can be extremely effective in deciding where to take the massage, regaining a sense of focus on your client, or calming a restless client.

There are many different energy modalities in the world today including but not limited to Reiki, polarity therapy, and chakra opening. The theories behind each tradition vary, as do the specific techniques.

It is important to receive proper training in your desired technique because most forms of energy work have the potential to be quite powerful. Many of today’s massage programs do include introductions to the various techniques, and can be a great way to explore different forms of energy work.

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