Massage Therapy and Cellulite Reduction

Massage Therapy and Cellulite Reduction

These days, massage therapy is used for a number of health benefits, from improved circulation and stress reduction to muscle repair following a sports injury. As it is more ingrained in the spa and beautification fields, however, massage is also becoming an important part of looking your best. One way in which massage schools and therapists are jumping on board this idea is by using massage therapy as a way to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

 How Does Cellulite Massage Work?

Cellulite massage isn’t 100 percent accepted by the medical community, and there are people who believe that there is no way to reduce cellulite through the manipulation of the body’s tissues. However, for those who have tried it and continue getting massage with this goal in mind, there is a strong belief that massage can improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Oftentimes, fat cells accumulate fluid and build fibrous bands, both of which take on the appearance of lumps and bumps just under the skin. Cellulite massage is believed to work on cellulite by helping the circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluids—as well as by stretching and relaxing the connective tissues of the body for a more streamlined outward appearance.

 How to Perform Cellulite Massage

Unlike other massage modalities, there is no specific type of “cellulite massage” that you’ll learn during your training. However, some types of massage are believed to work better than others in this kind of treatment, including Swedish massage, deep-tissue massage, and lymphatic drainage. Massage therapists can also use special equipment, including rolling cylinders, special body scrubs, herbal products, and anti-cellulite creams. This is particularly effective when done in a spa setting where other beautification treatments can occur.

 Diversifying Your Massage Portfolio

When it comes to massage therapy, offering cellulite massage can really help boost your business. Massage for health reasons is always a good thing, and massage for beautification reasons is an even better way to make a living while also providing a service that people really want and need. Whether you work in a spa and offer cellulite massage as part of a whole package, or if you want to add cellulite massage to your list of traditional massage techniques, this is one area that can really help you succeed in the field.



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