The “Father of Chair Massage” Shares Insights With Massage Schools Students

Chair MassageIf you are going to present information about a particular topic, you may as well go right to the source. A couple weeks ago we posted an article on our website about massage chairs. The article did a very good job of presenting the benefits of chair massage and a good deal if information about the practice and methodology. However, if you are going to drill down to the source and origins of modern day chair massage, you simply have to involve the perspective of David Palmer, the “Father of Contemporary Chair Massage.”

David now works with a company called Zubio, which is dedicated to training massage therapists to practice chair massage and to bring the benefits of massage therapy to the masses. This is a logical extension of the training available to a student attending a massage school.

In order to fully appreciate the evolution and current applications of chair massage, I thought that I would post this video, hosted by David Palmer, in which he discusses the history of seated massage and the trends for today’s chair massage.



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