Top 5 Massage Types to Try

Top 10 Massage Types to Try

There are many different types of Massage Therapy Techniques. Here are Massage Schools Guide’s top 10 picks. When you reach the end, let us know what you think of the list and if there are any techniques that you think we missed.

#5. Hot Stone

Hot Stone

Hot stone massage is a very unique technique. You start by laying on your stomach. Warm flat stones are then placed on specific points of your body. The technique can be traced back to Native Americans in Southwestern U.S.

The stones are basalt, which is a rock known for retaining heat. Heated water is used to warm the stones to a temperature that won’t burn the skin.

Hot Stone Massage is used to loosen muscles and increase circulation much like a normal massage would. A masseurs often will use Hot Stone in combination with traditional massage.


For more information on Hot Stone Massage click HERE


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