Trigger Point Massage – Part II

reflexology foot massageBenefits of Trigger Point Massage

Many individuals seek trigger point massage when other attempts at pain relief have failed. This means that there is often an understanding of the location and source of pain prior to the first appointment, which the massage therapist can use to help determine what trigger points to target during the massage. Other individuals may need to undergo a thorough exam to determine where to focus the massage – most often in areas where tension or injury has shortened the muscle.

Trigger point massage is used to treat pain associated with:

•    Everyday stress
•    Injuries due to overuse or muscle strain
•    Tennis elbow
•    Carpal tunnel syndrome
•    Accident injuries, particularly whiplash or other muscle-based disorders
•    Fibromyalgia
•    Arthritis
•    Sciatica

For most types of chronic pain, it is necessary to get trigger point massage on a regular (oftentimes weekly) basis. That’s because although it has proven effective in the management of pain, it is only a temporary solution for diseases or disorders that constantly wear on the body and the muscular system. For example, individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia often use regular trigger point massage sessions as a way to get to the root of the pain, since many individuals believe that the disease as its origins in trigger point pain and muscle problems.

The Future of Trigger Point Massage

Although trigger point massage is adopted by many medical professionals and massage therapists, it is not embraced by the medical community as a whole. Like acupressure or acupuncture, much of the medical basis lies not in Western medical “rules,” but in Eastern philosophies and whole body wellness. Massage therapists can get specialized training at certain schools around the United States that offer programs in trigger point.

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