Physical Education Requirements at Massage Schools

Taking a Break From Massage

What Physical Education Will I Need For Massage School?

If you’re getting ready to start massage school, you probably have a good idea of the classes you’ll be expected to take. A little anatomy and physiology will be complement by some hands-on work.

You’ll learn different massage modalities and maybe even the history of how they got started. And at the end of the day, you’ll top it all off with…martial arts training?

Although physical education (P.E.) training is still fairly new to the massage school circuit, it is growing in popularity among top-ranked schools—and with good reason.

Strength, balance, and the ability to focus your energies is a large part of being a massage therapist. That’s why, in some massage schools around the country, you might find yourself waking up with a hour of yoga or winding your day down with a Tajiquan class.

  • Yoga: Yoga and massage often go hand-in-hand, since both build on the combined forces of physical, mental, and spiritual discipline. It may or may not be complimented with Pilates (for a more physical-focused routine) or with meditation (for a more mentally-focused routine).


  • Martial Arts: Many different types of martial arts are used to help teach the importance of the mind-body-soul balance and to promote strength. Although massage students aren’t likely to start competing in the martial arts circuit, training in this field can help promote a better sense of self-balance.


  • Taijiquan: Of all the martial arts options, taijiquan is one of the most popular for the massage field. That’s because this form of martial arts is all about using slow movements. It builds strength and longevity—both of which are vital in being a good massage therapist.


  • Meditation: Meditation classes can help massage students focus their energies inward, which is ideal for both the learning environment and in building a career based on personal strengths. It is great for helping energize massage therapists before or after a big day.

If these classes aren’t offered at your massage school, you may want to invest in an outside course for your own personal benefit. Building bodily strength is key in being able to sustain your career over the long term, and building mental strength can help you succeed and pass on your positive energies to your clients.

Either way, staying healthy and active for your own reasons are worthwhile, too.



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