Everest Institute – Permanently Closed

Kalamazoo Massage Therapy School at Everest InstituteEverest Institute in Kalamazoo, Michigan Is Permanently Closed

Anthem College is recorded closed at this location. If it’s incorrectly closed, please report it.

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Attending School in Kalamazoo, MI

Michigan massage schoolsThe next best thing to learning to become a massage therapist is learning in a city named Kalamazoo. The unusual name of this modern American city has made it an iconic part of pop culture. The name of the city appears in many songs and is a name recognized by those who don’t even know where the city is located.

As home to Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo is considered a college town and this is evident by the amount of cultural activity in the city. There are a number of art galleries and museums including the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum and the Kalamazoo Valley Museum. There are also quite a few theater groups and many opportunities to see live performances of plays and musicals.

The Gibson Guitar Company was founded here and instigated the musical interests of many a local artist. As a result, Kalamazoo has a diverse and energetic music scene with every style represented from Classical to folk to hip-hop to rock. The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra is world renowned and quite a few musical acts have gone on to national prominence.

Kalamazoo is also home to the Pfizer Corporation and the Upjohn Company. The area is also populated by a variety of pharmaceutical research companies and biotechnology firms.

Anyone opting to study massage therapy here will find that there is always something new in Kalamazoo.