Massage Therapy Schools in Mississippi

top Mississippi massage schools

Mississippi Massage Therapy Schools

Interested in attending massage therapy school? If you’re trying to find a top massage school in Mississippi, check out the selected campuses below for more information.

The location of the first lung transplant and bone pinning medical procedures in the United States, Mississippi has long been a place of innovation and progressive medical technology. Along those lines, there is a wealth of opportunity for the prospective massage therapist in Mississippi.

Largely considered to be the birthplace of the blues, large parts of coastal Mississippi were heavily damaged by recent hurricanes. In spite of this damage, cities such as Biloxi, Bay St. Louis and Gulfport have displayed incredible resilience, and residents have been actively rebuilding.

Attending school for massage therapy is a great step forward in your career. Whether you're looking to become a professional masseuse, massage therapist, or acupuncturist, you've probably got some questions.

How much is it going to cost? Do I need a high school education? Is there any financial aid available? How do I apply? The best way to get answers to these questions is to contact the school directly by clicking on the links provided. The school's website will answer most of you questions and provide contact information to help you get started.

Is There a Top Massage Therapy School Near You?

There are many good schools in this state offering programs in massage therapy. The right one for you will depend on many factors including location, programs offered, cost and scholarship availability. You'll find community colleges, both for profit and not for profit schools, big institutions and smaller establishments. The schools listed below are some of my top picks based on accreditation, reputations and student reviews.

We suggest you click on schools of interest, learn a little more about the school and then click on the Request Info button if you want even more information including costs, schedules and how to apply. Once you get to a school of your liking, you'll typically have the opportunity to speak with a representative who will answer any questions you may have.



Blue Cliff College

Blue Cliff college

Blue Cliff College strives to provide students with the proficiency they need to succeed in their chosen careers. In addition, they seek to install or strengthen personal growth, professional development, and responsibility in students.

Blue Cliff College – 12251 Bernard Parkway, Gulfport, Mississippi

Become a Licensed Massage Therapist in Mississippi

A career in massage therapy can be exciting and rewarding. If you’ve got questions about the licensing and certification process, make sure you check out our article on Mississippi Massage Therapist Licensing and Certification Requirements.