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Cape Girardeau, Missouri Massage School at Metro Business College


Begin Your Massage Therapy Career in Cape Girardeau, MO!

Massage SchoolsMetro Business offers a range of vocational and career-based training programs for students in and around the Missouri area. These focus primarily on business and medical programs, including the popular massage therapy option. Because this campus is set in Cape Girardeau, a popular college town, many students find that the setting is right to study a brand new career among like-minded individuals.

About the School

The goal of Metro Business College is to train students for entry-level work and to help them find jobs soon after graduation. The school first opened its doors more than 30 years ago, with a combined focus on business and medical office training. Although it began in Jefferson City, it has since expanded to additional campuses and incorporated additional programs like the popular massage therapy option.

Metro Business College is best suited for students who want to get fast training, but with a focus on real-world applications that are useful in the job market. Although it isn’t the oldest or most prestigious college in the city, the educational objectives are sound, and many students go on to enjoy successful careers.

Metro Business College
1732 North Kingshighway Street
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701


Metro Business College’s Massage Therapy course is a 61-credit program that takes most students about a year to complete. Offering a well-rounded education complete with anatomy and physiology basics up through specific modality instruction, the course prepares students to sit for the national certification exam and gain licensure through the state board. Additional preparedness in general massage business practices helps round out the course, training students to someday open their own massage clinics.


All instructors are chose for their dedication to their respective fields, and most are available on a free day each week (Friday) to help with additional work. Boasting real-world experience as well as a passion for teaching others, these faculty members are the backbone of all that is taught and learned here.


In addition to the Cape Girardeau campus, there are facilities in Jefferson City, Arnold, and Rolla. Small class sizes are the hallmark of any Metro Business College program, and students are encouraged to do as much hands-on learning as they can. Massage students learn in both a traditional lecture setting and a massage lab situation, combining the best of both worlds. The equipment is up-to-date with industry standards, and most students make the transition to the working environment very easily.



The school is accredited through the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), and even boasts an Honor Roll School status through the organization. It does not have regional accreditation, however, so the ability to transfer the credits to an outside school or program may not be a possibility.

Metro Business College also carries certifications and recognitions from the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. In terms of the massage program, it is approved by the Missouri State Board of Therapeutic Massage.

Financial Aid

Metro Business College provides each student with a chance to sit down with a Financial Aid Professional who will help with the entire process of finding and securing tuition assistance. This is available through government programs, scholarships, and private loans offered through Central Finance Loan. Government financial requires that students fill out a FAFSA form, while private options typically require a credit-based application or co-signer from a parent or other responsible fiscal party.

About the City

Missouri Massage SchoolsCape Girardeau is a medium-sized city in the southeastern portion of Missouri. It is a college town, thanks to the presence of Metro Business College and Southeast Missouri State University. Known fondly as The City of Roses, this area is noted for its beauty, history, and focus on the great outdoors. It is close enough to St. Louis (115 miles) to make the occasional trip a possibility, but the small-town and academic setting means that you can always focus on your studies. Job opportunities in massage in the immediate area are moderate, and while some students choose to remain local, others seek jobs in the larger cities in and around the state.