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Massage Therapy Schools in Kansas City Metro Area

If you ever thought of going to massage therapy school in the Kansas City area, check out these highly regarded massage schools.

Nicknamed the “Heart of America,” the Kansas City metro area has much to offer the prospective massage therapist.Kansas City massage schools Located at the junction of the Missouri and Kansas rivers, Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO are great places to live if you’re considering a career in massage therapy.

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If you’re contemplating a career in massage therapy, you’ve probably got some questions. How much does massage school cost? What type of degree can I get? How about massage therapy diplomas and certificates? Is financial aid or scholarship money available? How about night and weekend classes? For answers to these important questions, simply find a campus you’re interested in, and click on the Request Free School Info button. A representative from the school will get in touch with answers to all of your questions.

Going to Massage Therapy School in Kansas City

Kansas City was not incorporated until 1853 but saw a good deal of history prior to that year. Lewis and Clark camped at the location of the city on their way to the Pacific and identified the location as a good place for a fort.

As trade on the Missouri River grew and more settlers headed west, the population of the location that would become Kansas City expanded. The population exploded with the arrival of the railroad and the construction of a bridge over the Missouri River.

Today the city is home to 445,000 citizens. Kansas City is well known for its park system and numerous parkways. In fact, Kansas City has more avenues and boulevards than any city in the world except Paris.

In addition, Kansas City is only exceeded by Rome for the number of fountains. While the city is distinctly American these attributes result in a European flavor.

Kansas City is a metropolitan area with much to offer the up-and-coming professional. It offers a variety of social and cultural entertainment options without feeling like an overwhelmingly metropolitan area. Commercial and health care facilities are growing in number, and many students are either from the area or choose to stay on to start their careers.


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