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Looking for a top massage school in Montana? We’ve selected the leading Montana massage therapy programs for your review. Find a campus that interests you, and click on the link for more information.

Nicknamed “Big Sky Country,” Montana is a great place to live. From blue-ribbon trout fishing, to Glacier National Park, Montana is a land of breathtakingly beautiful scenery. If you love the great outdoors, then Montana is the place for you, as it is home to 3 entrances to Yellowstone National Park, and the Battle of Little Bighorn site.

Attending school for massage therapy is a great step forward in your career. Whether you're looking to become a professional masseuse, massage therapist, or acupuncturist, you've probably got some questions.

How much is it going to cost? Do I need a high school education? Is there any financial aid available? How do I apply? The best way to get answers to these questions is to contact the school directly by clicking on the links provided. The school's website will answer most of you questions and provide contact information to help you get started.

Is There a Top Massage Therapy School Near You?

There are many good schools in this state offering programs in massage therapy. The right one for you will depend on many factors including location, programs offered, cost and scholarship availability. You'll find community colleges, both for profit and not for profit schools, big institutions and smaller establishments. The schools listed below are some of my top picks based on accreditation, reputations and student reviews.

We suggest you click on schools of interest, learn a little more about the school and then click on the Request Info button if you want even more information including costs, schedules and how to apply. Once you get to a school of your liking, you'll typically have the opportunity to speak with a representative who will answer any questions you may have.




Mossmain College of Massage

Moosmain College of Massage

Mossmain College of Massage is for people of all ages who are ready to learn about massage therapy. They offer an affordable, nine-month program that is 750 hours of massage classes. They offer day classes that start around Labor Day and finish around Memorial Day. Their night classes start in early March and finish before Thanksgiving.

Billings Campus Р2526 Grand Avenue, Suite 2  Billings, MT 59102



Health Works Institute

Health Works Institute

Health Works Institute is an accredited massage therapy and esthetics school located in Bozeman, Montana. Since their establishment in 2000, they have offer students a holistic, in-depth education, providing a professional edge that allows them to define their own careers in the massage therapy and skin care sectors.

Bozeman Campus Р407 West Main Street  Bozeman, MT 59715


Montana Massage Therapist Licensing and Certification Requirements

Interested in in becoming a massage therapist? Wondering what the requirements to become licensed and certified massage therapist in the state of Montana? As each state is different, you’ll want to check out our detailed information on Montana Massage Therapist Licensing and Certification Requirements.