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Schools of Medical Massage Lima Ohio

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Start your Massage Therapy education at a great massage school in Lima, Ohio

Are you looking to have better employment opportunities? Wondering what types of careers are known for their success? Then acquiring a massage therapy education is the answer that you are looking for! This industry has seen an explosion in expansion and provides a great salary. Most practitioners also enjoy a very flexible schedule.

Enrolling at the Lima School of Medical Massage will provide you with the training that is necessary to become a massage therapy practitioner. The campus is located in Lima, OH which is a great location to begin your program.

Once you complete your degree requirements, you will have to take the National Certification Exam to become officially licensed. The school will allow you to gain the necessary skills to have a passing score. After you have all of your credentials, you will be able to enter a large variety of employment positions such as chiropractic, wellness, spa, medical and physical therapy.


About Lima School of Medical Massage

This private massage school allows students to obtain career training for in-demand positions. Their philosophy focuses on a quality education that provides numerous medical benefits to future patients.

massage schools LimaClassroom sizes are small so that students can learn in the best educational environment. This allows students to obtain good grades, training and skills. A good learning environment leads to great opportunities in the future.

About the Massage Therapy Program

The licensed massage therapist program requires 754 clock hours to complete. Students are taught a large array of subject matter that includes ethics, clinical massage, anatomy, massage techniques and physiology, among others. Students also take a CPR course.

The student massage clinic allows students to participate in 1-hour massages under supervision. This provides real-world experience that can be used during employment. Students will be able to heal chronic illnesses and ailments so that patients can live without pain.


The school is accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy and is recognized by the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools. In addition, the school is a member of the Schools of Medical Massage and the American Massage Therapy Association.

Going to School in Lima, OH

This city is situated in the county of Allen and was founded in 1831. It has approximately 40,000 residents. Lima is the county seat and central location for government activities within the state of Ohio. Scenic views are available of the Ottawa River that runs through the city.Lima Ohio Massage Schools

Lima’s economy is dependent upon retail operations. It currently is in first place for retail sales in Ohio. It is also considered to have the fifth most affordable housing within the U.S. Some of the city’s most famous residents are restaurant franchises such as Kewpee Restaurants. The Tide and Downy plants are also located here. Lima was formerly a part of the ‘Oil boom of northwest Ohio.’

The city has public transportation options for students such as the rail system and buses. There are prominent medical centers, cultural activities, recreational activities and shopping – all of the things a student is looking for.

The campus location in Lima, OH is perfect for a massage therapy education as it is located in a college town that allows students to interact with other individuals that are enrolling into various study programs. Making connections is often important to a successful career.

More Information

If you are interested in attending the Lima School of Medical Massage and/or have any additional questions about their massage therapy program, please click on the link below to contact the school directly.