Top Massage Therapy Schools in Portland

top massage schools in Portland

Best Massage Therapy Schools in the Portland Area

Portland, Oregon is often overlooked as a place to live. Most people have their eyes on Seattle, further north, or California, just a day’s drive south. However, the city is one that has plenty to offer all on its own.

Considered to be the greenest city in the country in terms of foliage and lifestyle, Portland massage schools are perfect for aspiring massage therapists interesting in living in an Eco-friendly city.

Life in Portland

The city is overwhelmingly Caucasian, with a few pockets of other ethnicities. The median income is just over $40,000, with most households having some disposable income. While there are some senior citizens, the majority of the population of Portland is fairly young, offering some great statistics for new massage therapists looking to for a career in sports massage, stress therapy, or even the alternative therapies more popular among the younger crowd.
Portland massage schools
With plenty of growth over the past two decades, Portland is now feeling the pinch in their real estate industry, which was booming until more recently. The other major industry in the city is manufacturing. Adidas is based out of Portland, and steel production has been big business for generations.

More recently, aluminum has taken precedence. The large number of factory workers offers up a client base of repetitive stress injuries and common pulled muscles.

Many students graduating from massage schools in Portland find that working in conjunction with physical therapy offices is a great opportunity here, especially since the mild weather finds people rollerblading or enjoying other high-activity outdoor pastimes, as well.

Going to Massage Therapy School in Portland, OR

There are quite a few opportunities for those interested in starting a massage business in Portland. With plenty of young people in the area, the best options are likely those related to sports massage, though relaxation-style and even medical massage are also welcomed here.

Activities and Culture in Portland

A truly “green” city in every sense of the word, Portland features a number of parks and gardens, including the International Rose Test Garden, where new varieties are invented every year.

The 37 acre Tom McCall Waterfront Park is also a popular destination for walks, picnics, and events. Small, local parks abound, and many of them feature community sports opportunities for the young and vibrant community.

The city isn’t just about gardens and outdoor play, however. There are a number of museums that focus on everything from art to history, making for plenty of interesting learning opportunities. Portland is also famous for its microbreweries, which turn out a variety of beers.

That’s because the Willamette Valley is one of the biggest hops producers in the country, providing plenty of raw ingredients at hand. You can take tours of nearly thirty microbreweries and sample the wares on premises. With some of the best restaurants, wineries, and unique boutiques on the West Coast, there is very little that Portland doesn’t have to offer to its residents and guests.

Portland Climate

The Willamette River is a major feature of Portland, and the city is also near enough to Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helen that the sights are incredible from almost any location in the city. Nearly 8 percent of the city is actually water, which helps regulate the climate.

Summers are typically dry and warm, while winters are cool with plenty of rain and the occasional snowfall. Being so near to the mountains also means that skiing venues are available for those with more active winter pursuits.

Education and Sports in Portland

The education system in Portland is fairly average for a city of its size, with six school districts and a few institutions of higher education, including Portland State University and the Portland Community College. Massage schools in Portland are also average in terms of the number of schools; the quality of schools depends primarily on which one you choose to attend.