Paducah Massage Schools

Paducah Massage SchoolsMassage Therapy Schools in the Paducah Area

Did you know there are some great massage therapy schools in Paducah and its surrounding areas?

Originally settled in 1815, the city of Paducah was originally called Pekin. Today, the city is known for a growing arts community, as the city has recently launched several revitalization efforts centered around this theme.

Home to a growing economy, both Louisville Railway and Dippin Dots have their headquarters in the city of Paducah. In addition, the city is home to the Artist Relocation Program, which is an attempt to revitalize parts of the city through the relocation of artists to the area.

The city is also home to the museum of the American Quilter’s Society, further evidence of the diversity and creativity present in Paducah. Lastly, the city is also named in the song “Hooray for Hollywood,” which is played at the beginning of the annual Oscar awards ceremony.

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