Massage Industry Resources

Making a decision about a massage school is no different than selecting any other learning institution.

It is important to learn everything you can before deciding what massage therapy school to attend. Here are some helpful articles to make that process a little easier.

Massage Career Articles

Looking for direction after graduating from massage school? Learn more about a massage therapy career by reading these informative articles below. Read More…

Financial Aid

Anyone with a desire to begin or continue their education in massage therapy another chosen field should be prepared to examine and understand the various financial resources that are available. There are a variety of funding options to help you achieve your goal of becoming a massage therapist. We’ve compiled a number of articles that will familiarize you with the various student loans through government and private sources. There are also scholarship funds to be explored and assistance directly from some of the massage schools. Get familiar with all of the financial options at your disposal.  Read More…


There are dozens of massage techniques utilized in massage therapy. Each technique is based on a specific healing philosophy or is developed to address a particular muscle group or to support specific activities. We utilize a network of massage experts to write about these techniques and provide the experiences a new grad will have if he or she decides to specialize in a particular type of massage. You will read professional perspectives on everything from Thai Massage to Lomi-Lomi massage and from infant massage to sports massage. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Read More…