Sports Massage – Why Become a Sports Massage Therapist?

Sports Massage

Become a sports Massage Therapist and help athletes reach optimal performance

Serious athletes will go to extreme measures to insure that they can perform to the highest standards and meet the challenges of competitions. Workouts, proper nutrition and great coaching can all be wasted if an injury sidelines a player. By engaging a skilled sports massage therapist, individuals and sports teams are making an investment in the health of their athletes.

Pursuing a career as a sports massage therapist will allow an individual to become an important part in the success of individuals and institutions. Look on the sidelines during any college or pro football game and you will see a trainer working on players to keep them limber and fit. This activity doesn’t just happen during a competition. Keeping muscles fit with massage therapy is crucial to preventing injury and maintaining peak performance levels.

Maintaining a high level of fitness requires a lot of work and can present some challenging obstacles. Muscle strains, pulls and aches commonly occur for professional and amateur athletes alike. A sports massage therapist can help reduce the frequency and severity of these ailments. And that’s just the start of the benefits.

Extensive training can lead to muscles that are rigid and lack flexibility. These muscles may look terrific but they are susceptible to injury and may hamper performance. A well-trained sports massage therapist can detect irregularities and, by employing appropriate techniques, help to restore flexibility and elasticity to muscles and lessen the stresses that can cause problems.
When muscles are tight circulation is constricted and when blood is not reaching all areas of the muscle properly the tissues are missing out on vital nutrients that are essential for muscle repair. By using massage to loosen muscles waste and toxins are eliminated from the tissues where they could otherwise build up and cause damage.

Incorporating Sports Massage into Fitness Programs

By incorporating a sports massage therapist into an overall fitness program, athletes can insure that muscles remain supple and healthy thus insuring the maximum effectiveness during training and top performance during competition. Regular massage during training is essentially a maintenance program and helps insure that optimal results are achieved during training by promoting flexibility and avoiding debilitating injuries.

Sports massage can be a crucial component during a specific athletic event. A brief massage session prior to an event will increase the blood flow to the muscles and reduce tension. This will improve flexibility and performance. Massage applied during a sporting event can address any tightness or cramping that may occur and promote recovery from prior activity. After the event, massage helps the athlete to relax and assists in the repair of tissues slightly damaged during the event.

Even with all of the preventive measures taken to avoid muscle damage, it is inevitable that extreme levels of activity will result in aches, cramps strains and pulls. Sports massage is an excellent method for rehabilitating damaged muscles and insuring that training is not disrupted due to severe injuries.

Benefits of Sports Massage

One thing is certain, building a relationship with a sports massage therapist will be of great benefit to an athlete or anyone else interested in maintaining good physical conditioning. A massage therapist that is familiar with your routines, your goals and the tendencies of your muscular system will be able to help you stay fit and perform effectively.  By pursuing a career as a sports massage therapist, you can be part of a winning team and a key contributor to a healthy and competitive future.