Top 5 Massage Therapy Schools in Texas

top massage schools in texas

Some of the Best Texas Massage Therapy Schools

There are many top massage therapy schools in the Lone Star State and the best one for you will depend on several factors including location, tuition cost, programs offered and financial aid availability. Below you’ll find a list of schools we think rank in the Top 5 Massage Therapy schools in Florida based on accreditation, reputation and student reviews.

Besides these schools, there are many others that we will try to list for you and offer up useful information about it to help you decide which one is the best school choice for you. It is imperative you do your homework and learn everything you can about a school before deciding to attend. Read, visit, speak with current and past students to help you make the best decision.

Please note, tuition rates, scholarship money and programs offered will change from school to school, year to year.  We try to keep these numbers updated, but it is important to contact the school for up to date numbers.

Is There a Massage Therapy School Near You?

We work with several schools via their brokers and the best way to see if one of these schools is located near you is to fill out the short form below, find a school, fill out the rest of the information request and a representative from the school will contact you to answer your questions and explain how to apply.


Texas Center for Massage Therapy

Texas Center for Massage Therapy

The Texas Center for Massage Therapy has three locations in Texas including Dallas Campus, Arlington Campus and Houston Campus.  The Professional Massage Therapy Program is a diploma program that prepares massage therapy students for entry level positions as massage therapists. The program objectives include developing your professional potential as a massage therapist, train you in theory and technique and provide you with enough training to sit for the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam.

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute Massage Therapy School

The South Texas Vocational Technical Institute has campuses located in Brownsville and McAllen where they offer a Diploma in Massage Therapy. The Professional Massage Therapy program at South Texas Vocational Technical Institute is designed to prepare students to seek employment as a professional massage therapist. In addition to focusing on advanced massage techniques, this program centers around clinical methods, and the art of massage therapy.


Avenue Five Institute

Avenue Five Institute is an award winning beauty and wellness school in Austin, TX.  Their 900-hour Advanced Massage Therapy program is unique because it provides leading-edge courses with a broad spectrum of massage modalities. The school’s learning environment provides hands-on and student focused methods to helps student develop technical and independent business skills to become a thriving wellness professional.

Going to Massage Therapy School in Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the U.S. and the population continues to grow dramatically. The cities of Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio are the major business, cultural and population centers. Texas geography is widely varied and features over 600 miles of Gulf Coast shoreline along with prairies, forests, lakes, hills and plains. The result is a complete range of outdoor activities to occupy residents and visitors.

Texas Massage Schools

Graduating from a massage school in Texas opens the door to many opportunities. The moderate climate of Texas attracts visitors year-round and there are many resorts and hotels that offer spa treatment for guests. A massage is the #1 expectation at any spa and qualified massage therapists can employ a variety of massage techniques.

Texas is a state with big cities and many smaller towns. All present opportunities for entrepreneurial-minded massage therapists. Opening an independent spa or massage therapy practice allows you to focus on a particular technique in which you would like to specialize or offer a wide range of massage techniques.

A state as large as Texas also has a huge health care industry that presents massage therapists with the chance to practice in a number of clinical settings. Physical therapists, chiropractors, orthopedists, holistic medicine practitioners and even general practitioners often refer patients for massage therapy or even have a massage therapist on staff.

Opting for a career as a massage therapist and attending massage school in Texas are decisions that you won’t regret. There are opportunities galore and many options to apply your massage skills. Get that education, choose your field and be as successful as you want to be. After all, this is Texas, where everything is big!


Become a Licensed Massage Therapist in Texas

Interested in a massage therapy career? The requirements for each state are different, so you’ll want to make sure you check out our information on Texas Massage Therapist Licensing and Certification Requirements.