Choosing a Massage Specialty

Choosing a Massage Specialty

How to Choose a Massage Specialty

In almost every health-related career field, there is more money to be found in specialty work and care. For example, a nurse can earn a better living and have better job security if he or she specializes in ER/trauma or pre-natal care (among others).

That’s because more advanced skills in one particular area aren’t as common as more generalized ones. The field of massage therapy is no different. The more specialized your offerings—and the better trained you are in specific massage modalities—the better your chances of earning more money.

 Massage Niches

Almost all top massage schools today teach a range of massage techniques. The most common, Swedish massage, is complimented by things like reflexology, deep-tissue massage, kinesiology, lymphatic massage, pre-natal massage, and more.

Although this kind of approach is great for providing students with a well-rounded education and preparing them to sit for the national certification exam, each skill isn’t explored as much as it could be. Most massage schools offer programs that last between a few months to a few years, and this might not be enough time to learn every modality at an advanced level.

In fact, depending on where you go to school, you might encounter any or all of the following techniques:

Exploring all these options is a great way to learn where you want to place your future focus. For example, if you find that you enjoy the combination of aromatherapy, spa services, and massage all working together, you can place your concentration there.

If you prefer more medically-oriented sports massage, you might choose to advance your training and education in that field. Selecting your favorite  field and moving forward from there is a great way to enjoy what you do while also looking forward to a better future.

Getting the Massage Certification and Training You Need

Of course, simply selecting a niche isn’t enough. You’ll also need to advance your skills in that particular field. This can be done through a combination of continuing education credits, advanced massage certifications, and simply spending a lot of time getting experience.

Individual organizations (such as the American Pregnancy Massage Association or the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Association) exist for almost every massage modality, so you can go right to the source to learn more about conferences, continuing education credits, and unique training opportunities.

It can take years to specialize your education and massage skills, but the journey is well worth it. Becoming an expert in your field is a great way to ensure that you have something unique and worthwhile to offer the public.


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  1. paula says:

    I have a special needs grandchild with spina bifida. I have read where some success in increasing the blood to the lower extremeties has been achieved through massage therapy. Would I be able to learn such techniques to be able to help my 3 year old grandson?

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