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Massage Therapy Schools in Seattle, WA

Seattle has long been renowned among creative types as a place where the muse flows.
While massage schools in Seattle might not need to make use of muses, there is a certain charm to the city that makes it a fascinating place to live. It’s near enough to the Canadian border to visit Vancouver on a day trip, and it’s as close to nature as you can get, while still living in a metropolitan center.

The Seattle/Tacoma/Bellevue area is the largest metropolitan statistic area in the Pacific Northwest. Over the years, the city has grown and annexed over a dozen small towns nearby, creating a rather unique grouping of neighborhoods. And while the Seattle area has gotten a bit of a bad rap thanks to its weather, it’s really not as wet as it sounds; the area actually gets less annual precipitation than New York on the East Coast.

Life in Seattle

Economically, the city does very well when compared to the national average. Six companies from the 2008 Fortune 500 list are based in Seattle, and a number of others are located in Puget Sound, just minutes from the larger city. The area has been referred to as one of the best U.S. cities for business growth by Expansion Magazine. This is good news for massage therapists, since business people are often in need of some stress relief and frequently seek out alternative options, such as massage.

It also helps that this city is considered the best for residents with medical problems. With the Medic One paramedic system in place since 1970 and the renowned University of Washington teaching hospital, Seattle boasts some of the nation’s best healthcare options. In addition to the university hospital, there are three other large medical centers here that frequently see out-of-state patients, including Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Going to Massage School in Seattle, WA

For those who wish to stay on in Seattle after they graduate from massage school, there are likely to be quite a few opportunities either working for an existing company or starting one of your own. Seattle is considered the ideal place for entrepreneurs, and if you have the skills to help people recover from sports injuries, stress, and tension, there is no better place to get started.

Culture and Activities

Seattle massage schoolsPerhaps most popular for being the birthplace of grunge rock bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, Seattle has a lot more to offer than just coffee and `90s hits. The city is home to the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and the 5th Avenue Theater, as well as a number of other musical and performing arts centers. There are also several museums dedicated to the rich history and flora and fauna of the area.

Students who attend massage schools in Seattle are often drawn to the high level of activities available here.

There’s always something happening nearby, whether it’s a film festival, comic-con, or a book fair. For a more laid back routine, the city is famous for its coffee, and there are coffee shops of every size and description on nearly every street corner. The mild climate also means outdoor activities are popular year round.

In general, the bulk of the population of Seattle tends to be in their late 30s, which good news for students studying at massage schools in Seattle, since this demographic is well-known to utilize massage for sports relaxation and stress relief. This is also a city with a large number of business travelers, making it a good place to offer massages in conjunction with hotel spas and resorts. Cruise ships frequently come through, as well, with tourists often pouring into the city for a visit.

Seattle Education and Recreation

As far as education goes, the average number of residents over 25 that hold a university degree is double the national average. As a massage student, you’ll be able to meet plenty of others interested in higher learning.

With such a temperate climate and lovely surroundings, it’s not surprising that many people opt for outdoor activities here, including rock climbing, kayaking, and jogging. Gyms and the local sports teams are quite popular, too, meaning that there are a lot of opportunities for anyone studying sports massage in Seattle massage schools. From the Seahawks and the Supersonics to the new Sounders soccer team, sports are an integral part of this metropolitan center.


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